Shree Sadguru Shankar Maharaj's childhood activities were outstanding, like swimming in deep water, playing with tigers in the forest, catching live snakes and bringing them home, producing sweets from His fist and giving it to small children, playing with birds and making them sit on His shoulders, visiting festivals and getting engrossed in hymns, telling people their future which by due course of time turned to be true, etc. After Maharaj left His house He visited Kedarnath and showed His prowess to the people by having bath in bath in the river Mandakini, which was freezing below 0°C.

Shree Shankar Maharaj was a Nathpanthi (i.e. follower of Navnath tradition). He visited the religious place of Machindranath’s Madhi. Maharaj gave a loud shout of ‘Aalakh’ and enlighten the Dhuni (i.e. fire place) of Machindranath. This Dhuni was extinguished thousands of years ago. The construction work of one of the factory in Mali Nagar in Pune district was not getting completed. Maharaj visited the factory and removed the stone Padukas of Saint Gahininath from the factory premises and ordered to construct a temple inside the factory. And after that the construction work of the factory
was completed.