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Durga aashtami services and offerings.
Shri saint sadguru Shankar maharaj took Samadhi on 28th day of april in the year 1947 .On account of this devotees and trust organizes mahaprasad on everymonth durgaashtami.There is a palakhi ceremony organized on aashtami and aanadan. Mahaprasad is offered to devotees on behalf of math.
Any devotee who wants to offer annadan can offer cash or in the form of dry ration such has rice, rava, ghee, oil etc.If a devotee wants full seva on aashtami he has to offer 70,001/-
Note:- At least 10,000/- devotees are served with food.

Gurupornima Palakhi Ceremony
The math organizes Gurupornima Palakhi Ceremony .
On this day abhishek on maharaj paduka is performed at 8.00 am . At 10.00 am the palakhi ceremony is organized in math premises. There are 5 pradakshinaas.
Maharaj Pooja and aarti is performed at 2.00pm . Prasad is served to the devotees after the aarti.
8 days prior to Gurupornima there is nonstop parayan of shri guru charita granth.

Lord Dattas birth anniversary Palakhi ceremony.
The math organizes data jayanti palakhi ceremony . 8 days prior to the Lord data jayanti there is a nonstop prarayam of shri guru charita granth.
On this auspicious day the palakhi ceremony begins at 4.00pm all the devotees present sings bhajans , hymes in praise of maharaj, shri swami Samarth, godess ambamaata.after 5 pradakshinaas maharaj pooja and aarti is performed at 8.00 pm. After the aarti, Prasad is served to all devotees present.

Lord hanumans birth aniiversary( Hanuman Jayanti).
On hanuman jayanti abhishek on lord Hanuman is performed on behalf of math with cowmilk, curd , honey,scent,rose water and the pooja and aarti of lord Hanuman is done by all the trustees.After the aarti the invitation card for maharaj Samadhi sohala is being read to maharaj in the math gaabhara.

Maharaj Samadhi Sohala
Maharaj Samadhi sohala is organized in the month of vaishakh from the first day after no moon day(shukla pratipada) to the 8th day afterno moon day (vaishakh shukls durga aashtami)
During the ceremony period due to immense no of devotees to math.the ghaabara remains open 24 hours.
In the period of Samadhi ceremony after the evening aarti different sweets are distributed every day among all the devotees present.Also there are different cultural programs such has bhajan, kirtans, pravachans . Along with this between 7.00 to 10 .00 pm cultural program of big celebrities artist are organized by math.
Vaishakh shukla durgaashtami is the main day on which maharaj took live Samadhi. On this day maharaj is given abhyangsnan at 3.00 am . Then maharudra abhishek is performed and then pooja and aarti is performed at 11.00 am.
After the aarti mahaprasad is served from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm of the next day among the devotees.
Nearly 60-80 thousand people are served with food in this time.
On the next day of aashtami there is a kirtan programme organized after which pooja and aarti is performed and Prasad is served. The math is closed at 5.00pm for that day

All the above mentioned activities are organized by Shri Sadguru Shankar Maharaj Samadhi trust Dhankawadi and Shri Shankar maharaj sevekari parivar abd bhakt parivar. Throughtout the year for peace of mind of devotees rituals such as yaag, naamsaptah parayan, laghurudra, maharudra, pravachan, kirtan, homhavan are organized in the math.

Any devotees who wants to donate funds to the math can get income tax rebate under the income tax 80-G act.